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We created a Sustainable solution for Getir

Club Leaf and IceMobile teamed up with us to improve the Getir app and inspire eco-friendly decisions among college students. We had to encourage green behavior without changing how they already use the app. By giving the app a new design and adding new features, we made the app better for students, helping them pick eco-friendly options and shrink their carbon footprint.


Our Goal

We aim to encourage eco-friendly choices among independent college students aged 20 to 25, without changing their habits. These students might not prioritize sustainability due to cost concerns. Our focus is on redesigning the Getir app to help them make environmentally friendly decisions effortlessly. The goal is to enhance the app's delivery service while promoting better environmental choices for this audience.

Feature No. 1

Shared Orders

Introducing our game-changer: Shared Orders. Now, you and your friends or nearby folks can team up for food orders. Just scan their QR code, choose items, and order together. It’s a win-win – you save money, and Getir cuts down on deliveries. Plus, if someone nearby is ordering, you’ll get a heads-up to join in. You each pick your items and order jointly while paying separately. Shared Orders: the smart, pocket-friendly way to order food.

Feature No. 2

Smart AI Assistent (Alex)

Meet Alex, your savvy AI assistant. Alex is here to guide you towards smart, eco-friendly decisions that also keep your wallet happy. It tailors product suggestions to your shopping history and preferences, emphasizing options with smaller carbon footprints. With cutting-edge algorithms and learning smarts, Alex refines its advice as it gets to know you better. The user-friendly interface ensures easy access to product tips, discount coupons, and more. Alex is your go-to for eco-savvy shopping that saves money and the planet.

Feature No. 3

Points System

Say hello to the Getir App’s new Points System! You know those reward programs that make shopping better? Yep, we’ve got one too. With our Points System, you earn points while you shop, and these points score you awesome discount coupons – all within the app. But wait, there’s more! We’ve taken things up a notch. Our Points System gives extra points for eco-friendly picks that cut down on carbon footprints. It’s like a high-five for choosing planet-friendly stuff. Discounts for being green? That’s our way of saying thanks for making smart, eco-conscious choices.

Luuk Rosenquist
UX/UI Design
Hellevoetsluis, Nederland

T: +31611126406