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We created a Inclusive solution for Rotterdam

Our mission, assigned by Peter van Schaick (Rotterdam), Lisa Bosma (Drechtsteden), and Peter-Paul Hellings (Utrecht), was to make GEM more inclusive for individuals with disabilities. GEM is a chatbot used by Gemeente Rotterdam.


Our Goal

Enabling seamless assistance for visually impaired residents. By optimizing GEM's interface and audio output, we aimed to break barriers and enhance usability. Implementing screen reader compatibility, clear text-to-speech audio, and a user-friendly dark contrast interface, our team at Spectrum aimed to empower visually impaired users to effortlessly navigate tasks like passport applications. Our goal: an inclusive, satisfying, and barrier-free interaction with the chatbot.

Feature No. 1

Accessibility Menu

Elevating Access: Rotterdam Customizable Website Experience

The Accessibility Menu on the Rotterdam Municipality website empowers users with visual challenges. Choose presets like “Low Vision” for optimized readability, or fine-tune fonts, spacing, and contrast to suit personal preferences. Text alignment and page magnification further enhance usability. This initiative reflects our commitment to inclusivity and tailored digital engagement.

Feature No. 2

Sound and Suggestions

GEM initiates the conversation, offering suggestion prompts for your responses. All chat text is read aloud, ensuring accessibility for those with visual impairments. Engaging with GEM involves three options: typing a reply, using the microphone to speak, or clicking on a suggested button.

Booking appointments is a breeze with GEM. Select your desired Rotterdam Municipality location and set a date and time via the calendar tool. GEM even lets you schedule appointments for appointments.

Let’s Collaborate


Luuk Rosenquist
UX/UI Design
Hellevoetsluis, Nederland

T: +31611126406